the burning cathedral of the summer
it is a fire that solitude presses against my lips

I want this to be a canvas for my feelings. I will post what I find inspiring, what I find heart breaking, but mostly what I find beautiful.
Thank you for looking at my blog.
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RunemakerOld City’s Snow-Covered Rooftops, 2006
❝ And so the years passed

— words that ache a little (1)


Bordeaux at night, sorry for the spam

DSC09608 by manturster 

the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

My seat in the library today looked out over the cricket lawn and it was a beautiful blue-sky day so lots of people were lying out there. There was a couple on the grass below - she was lying on her stomach with her head resting on her arms like a pillow, and he was lying on his side beside her, talking to her and stroking her hair firmly and lovingly, like you would a cat. I wondered if all this happiness was normal for them, or whether, like for me, it was a day from the gods and whether she would still remember it at seventy, suddenly in a twilight time; the day when she lay in the grass with him on the cricket green and it was april and warm and the cherry blossoms were frothy against the endless sky.


my life is tinted pink